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Our Philosophy is Simple.
Focus on One Thing: 
The Needs of Nonprofit Professionals


Consider NANPP your source to network, elevate your career, share best practices, collaborate and gain inspiration from a national network of your peers. You speak in "nonprofit" and so do we. Whether it's seeking networking opportunities, dealing with a layoff, wondering how to get that well-deserved promotion, or even how to start your own nonprofit, your membership provides the resources and the inspiration.
As you take care of America's communities. NANPP takes care of you. 

Professional Membership is offered for professionals at only $50/year or you may be interested in our Monthly Access Pass for $3.99 per month. NANPP also has membership levels for nonprofit students, members of academia, retirees and consultants. 

Leadership Development

We provide high-value nonprofit resources for nonprofit professionals at every level (entry-level, mid-managers, senior managers, and Executive Directors/CEOs. We accomplish this through workshops, online learning opportunities, certification programs, and networking events while essentially uplifting a whole community of like-minded individuals. 

Career Center

We provide specialized services for the nonprofit professional to help you find a job, excel in your position, assistance with your resume and online presence as well as provide an online job bank and our nonprofit jobs Facebook group. 

Programs and Specialized Services

NANPP provides unique programs and services to members including emergency assistance for nonprofit employees, professional networking travel opportunities, a career exploration program for high school students, scholarships for college students and a national awards program for nonprofit employees. We also provide a resource for members to collaborate through the Nonprofit Employee Bartering Program. 

Great Benefits!

Learn More and Join Today  Professional yearly membership at $50/year. 
  One comprehensive location for all of your nonprofit needs. 
  Extensive networking and mentoring opportunities with peers and other nonprofit professionals. Add your event to our member calendar. 
  Opportunities to grow your nonprofit career through professional development and leadership roles. 
  Exclusive Member Center which includes a job bank, career center, e-Learning opportunities, grants/fellowships and awards for nonprofit employees, wellness support and more to assist you in your day-to-day nonprofit career. 

  Emergency financial assistance to members who are facing financial distress after an unforeseen personal hardship.   

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